Track the offline conversion of
your online audiences.

Better Budgeting. Better Targeting. Better ROI

Online & Offline. Bridged — Finally.

Get a clear understanding of how your online digital ad spend is impacting your in-store bottom line.

Online ROI has never looked so clear offline

Measure the offline impact of your online marketing campaigns. See how your online marketing campaigns are driving real-world sales — When, where, from whom and how often.

Unparalleled Offline Analytics

Let's get to the point. The data you want is worth a lot more if it makes sense. Take advantage of our complete set of insight metrics, with cross-channel correlation, audience segmentation, and recommendation tools.

Hyllo turns marketing data into marketing insights.
Insights you can't find anywhere else.

We ingest data from multiple sources to answer the oldest & most important marketing question - What's the ROI?


See the real-world ROI of your next online marketing campaign. Add offline conversion tracking quickly and easily.

Say "Hyllo" to measurable, real-world ROI. With Hyllo, CMO's and marketing managers can sleep easy knowing where their ad spend is driving the most real-world sales. Our Predictive Analytics platform is easy to integrate, and delivers accurate metrics based on all your omnichannel data.

Instantly understand the offline behaviour
of your online audience

Get a clear picture of which clients are converting — when and how often; and that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Hyllo supercharges the ROI of your online marketing with Predictive Analytics. Take advantage of our seamlessly integrated Correlation, Segmentation and Recommendation Engines, and gain a complete understanding of your audience.

Don't go it alone with just online data about your clients. Gain broader insights into your online marketing campaigns' success, by leveraging offline analytics.

Answer questions such as:
  1. How many people are my online marketing campaigns converting?
  2. Where are my clients coming from?
  3. What other locations do my clients frequent?
  4. When are my clients visiting my location(s)?
  5. Which clients visit most often?
  6. Who ________?
  7. Why ________?

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Offline data you won't get from anywhere else

Bridging the gap between the off-line and on-line world has been a dream for too long. With Hyllo, that dream becomes a reality.

See who responds to your online marketing campaigns by visiting your offline locations. Don't just pinpoint where in the world your website visitors came from - see which locations they visit with geolocation data! By understand your customers better than ever - you can segment and target like never before.

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Measure the offline performance of your online ad spend quickly & easily

Measure where your campaigns are having the biggest impact and identify your best clients

Online marketing works great, but haven't you been wondering which clients actually responds by visiting your brick-and-mortar location?

Other offline analytic tools require visitors to fill in forms online — this can work for some big ticket items, but what if you're not selling a big ticket item? — and then you have to manually match up the data. Who has time for that?

Hyllo allows you to quickly, easily and automatically get offline conversion metrics to identify your best clients and measure your online ad spend's ROI.

With online marketing spend on the rise, isn't it time to truly measure your efforts? Now you can.

The best decision, is an informed decision.

The right data presented in the right way can shape better decisions. Our easy to understand dashboard has simple metrics and graphs, helping you make game-changing decisions

See Your Online Audience, Offline

Consumer behaviour insights help shape online ad spend — correlation of your clients' online and offline behaviours helps you understand what influences their decisions and purchases.

Make Your Online Marketing Strategy Measurable

Spend your marketing dollars with greater confidence knowing your efforts can be measured. Real-time recommendation lets you adjust strategies quickly, and focus on spending where it counts.

Beyond Dollars — Make Sense

Matching the impact online marketing has to offline success means more than just a revenue boost or cost-savings. Audience segmentation has value beyond the bottom line; get a broader picture, and intuitively engage the right target at the perfect moment.

Over 15 metrics to measure your audiences' offline behaviour

Our API is simple and easy to use.

Offline Conversion

See who your online marketing dollars are converting into real-world buyers.

Location Visits

Guage when and where your online marketing efforts translate into real-world activities & sales.

Offline Behaviour Profiles

Understand how people interact with your physical spaces & various other locations offline.

How it works

Measure & improve your online marketing

Just doing social & email marketing isn't enough.
Measure + Improve your social media marketing and email marketing
with machine learning and predictive marketing intelligence


Your customer views
your online content

On their desktop, tablet or mobile. While at home, work or play — it doesn't matter when, where or on what device.


Your customer visits
your offline (or online) location

Whether you have one location of hundreds across the globe. We use a combination of math and magic to match offline users to online users using PII-free data. You're an online only business? That makes our job even easier


We bridge their online-to-offline behaviour

See who your online campaigns are converting into real-world visits & customers. We measure and improve your marketing performance across multiple channels

Correlate. Segment. Predict.

Your future success shouldn't be a mystery. Predict it.

cross channel matching

Cross-Device & Cross-Channel
Matching + Correlation

Using Machine Learning, we analyze millions of PII-free data-points to understand the relationship between seemingly disconnected devices & channels and tie them all together using math and magic


Segment Your
Audience Intelligently

Armed with a 360 degree profile of your audiences' online and offline behaviour, our segmentation engine can identify relevant individuals for each of your marketing campaigns


Predict Your
Future Success

Let us show you who your online campaigns will resonate with the most. Predict your success, maximize your omni-channel marketing ROI and increase company profits.

Clients we've helped succeed

With Hyllo, you're in good company